Keepin’ it One Hundred, Lester Sanchez and Quincy Jamal back at it again with “Down For Me”

Armed with style and fashion and capping it off with charisma is the dedicated performer, singer and songwriter Lester Sanchez. Born in Puerto Rico and currently out of Orlando, FL. Music has been the mainstay of his life and he has been working his way to the top with recent successes “Dear Mary Jane” and “Its OK”. With lots of energy to spare, the sky is more than the limit for Lester Sanchez; – he is aiming for the whole space. Quincy Jamal, back to the music front after a temporary hiatus, joins Lester once again and their chemistry rekindled resulting in another priceless banger “Down For me”.

Its been two years since their collab project Wentworth, but the duo remained close even starting a podcast, The Grounded Show. As Lester explains, “Quincy is someone I enjoy collaborating with because he also values the concept of creating timeless music and has no ego when it comes to doing what’s best for the song. I knew this record would be right up his alley so I told him my vision for his verse and he went crazy.” As Lester Sanchez describes, Quincy is really easy to work with and somehow understands the dynamics and fits in perfectly behind any musical idea Sanchez always has on board; in short they complement each other perfectly.

If you are a straight-shooter and go for what you want without wasting time, this is the perfect track to bang to as you approach that shawty you have been checking out for a while now. Breaking the boundaries present in old-school and urban R&B in desirable ways, “Down For Me” is a straight vibe and catchy as hell!

Lester Sanchez

Quincy Jamal

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