Hakeem Prime drops Montra w/ Lyricallashea ‘Reclaimed 2’

Hakeem Prime Drops Montra off his ‘Reclamed 2’ mixtape

Today is June 28th last night Hakeem Prime dropped Montra with a female artist that we’ve never heard of however she seems like a conscious rapper to say the least. This track has a Lauryn Hill simple from Nas’s 1996 album “it was written” from the track “If I ruled the world” The Title of Hakeem’s song is ‘Montra’ which is a short version of the Pahlavi word “Mahantra” meaning protection, its origin from the Kurdish word “Pala” meaning to take refuge under. Which says to us that he’s found his safe place with this song. Given the imagery he gave for the release.

It looks like Hakeem Prime is going back to his mixtape roots leaving behind over 50 mixtape series on datpiff alone after its demise. Hakeem Prime is no stranger to the gritty underground sound. Leaving the clean polished tracks aside for a more underground feel. Leaves you feeling nostalgic. Click Here for the full lyrics.

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