H.Skywalker: Taking DiB World Records To New Heights

H.Skywalker has been making his presence known within the music industry. He is an artist under the label DiB World Records.He’s recent single “Out The Park” has been circulating around the world so much that it has recently charted on iTunes, but let’s dive into how H.Skywalker the brand began. In his early teenage years music became a sport for him. It was his one true passion and calling.

His style is quite a mixture as he captures romantic alternative, pop, rock and hip hop. His sound is truly like no other artist out. When creating new content he likes to go off of his first instincts. The vibe he first feels usually generates his true vibe for the record. Along with pushing his single “Out The Park” he has recently released other competitive tracks such as “Thunder & Clouds” and he has just released an amazing visual for his song “For My First Panamera”.

This artist has a bright future. His music is quite infectious and as he continues to stay consistently pushing his brand it is only a matter of time before his name is all over the world. August 18th he is releasing a new record titled “Bad Economy”. Mark your calendars, you don’t wanna miss adding this track to your playlist.

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